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Natural Upper Eyelid Lift

look bright and relaxed

Say Goodbye to Tired Eyes

When I’m tired and my upper eyelids appear puffy, this is my go-to easy eyelid lift technique that can be done anywhere:

  1. Wash hands in cool water and place a cool/cold finger horizontally on each eyelid.
  2. Apply light pressure while simultaneously rolling your eyes around and moving them corner to corner. You’re providing some resistance with gentle pressure and working the eyelid muscles naturally!
  3. When one finger gets warm, trade it for another cool finger and repeat.

Do this throughout the day whenever your eyes feel tired. I often do this when my hands are naturally cold. It’s very soothing. You will notice a lasting, natural eyelid lift. Your eyes will look bright and relaxed, not tired. Now go conquer your day!

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