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Age is Just a Number!

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             AGE IS JUST A NUMBER!

When my husband and I are at social events, meeting new people, conversation often naturally turns to children and family. When I share that I have adult children and that I’m a grandmother, people are often perplexed. I can see their thought wheels turning, imagining that I must have married very young. This naturally compels me to reveal my age, to which they appear in disbelief, searching my face for telltale signs of plastic surgery. They are always very complimentary of my appearance and I share that I’ve never used Botox or had any type of cosmetic procedure or surgeries anywhere. Then the conversation turns quickly to questions about what products I use for skin care. I’m always happy to share this!

Part of the evolution of this blog was to direct people to this site for a detailed description of how I care for my skin.

Today is Tuesday, June 20th, 2017. I am 58. I will be 59 in 4 months! The photographs shown here were taken on our date night, four days ago. No filter was used, just natural Canadian evening light at 6:31pm!

You can find my skincare routines under Skincare Essentials category on this site.

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