The J-Vest

The creation of the J-vest

The J-VestI love warmth around my neck, especially during cold Canadian seasons! But with the onset of perimenopause came the advent of hot flashes. While I still liked the easy style and warmth of scarves, I wanted some options when on the go during hot flash moments.

The J-Vest was born! 

  • It can be lightweight or of heavier fabric depending on the season.
  • Its flow varies in style and length.
  • Should I need to, I can easily turn the vest into a cozy scarf around my neck!
  • I like the ease it offers when traveling.
  • It’s light and easily packable.
  • A few J-Vests can add variety to neutrals during travel. I roll and pack my Classic Long white, black, gray and a couple of print J-Vests in my carry on.
  • J-Vests are terrific for layering.


In my view, every woman needs a few J-Vests:

  • 2-3 in neutral colours that add dimension to your wardrobe,
  • 2 or more in prints that pop your neutral colours!

I started designing my J-Vests with various fabrics and made over 50 prototypes before selecting this collection. Whenever I wear one of my designs, I often receive a compliment followed by the question of where I’ve purchased it…Both friends and family love them.

I now never leave home without a few rolled up J-Vests in my carry on!

J-Vest Lookbook: