About JudeI believe we can get better in every way, every day, every month, every year. We know more, we’ve lived more, we have opportunities to give more and we are finally learning how to surround ourselves with uplifting energy. Energy that both gives and receives in balance. Energy that embraces us like a soft, warm blanket.

I’m a Canadian, wife, proud mama of two beautiful adult daughters and so blessed to be a new grandma! I was a English, social studies and drama teacher for 15 years. I’ve taught upper elementary, junior high, high school and undergraduate university levels. I’ve also been a management consultant, working with my husband’s company. Now, I’m ready for a new challenge, pursuing my lifestyle passion…

A good friend of mine, Anna, a beautiful Swedish-Canadian soul, introduced me to the Swedish concept of “Lagom”. It’s all about living life in moderation and balance. Simplicity. I love that! Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” We can all strive towards such simplicity.

I define my personal style to be that of a modern minimalist. I like clean lines, ease, and neutrals enhanced with pops of accessory colours. I love fashion, but we have to take elements and make it our own, suited to our individual selves. And we can ALL do that.

As we change and as our bodies change, our skin care needs also change. Life morphs. For all you millennials, prevention is key. And to my fellow boomers, it’s never too late to start! Remember, we are so Blessed to be aging, when far too many friends have been denied this privilege.

The purpose of my site is to uplift you in your daily life. Here, I will share my voice, what I’ve learned, what I know, what I’ve lived and what I absolutely love! Welcome aboard friends!

Beam Good Energy!
Much Love!